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SNP_label SNP_ID GENE_Label GENE_ID SNP_chromosome GENE_chromosome SNP_location GENE_location Distance rvalue pvalue -log10(pvalue)

rs2254669 - ENSE00001066442_ENSG00000131584 ENSE00001066442 1 1 1995968 1233132 762836 0.449 0.000319886288769 3.4950 0.05

Column 1: SNP ID, Column 3: Exon+Gene ID from EnsEMBL 54, Column 5+7: Gene location, Column 6+8: SNP location, Column 10: Rho value, Column 11: P-value, Column 12: -log10(P-value), Column 13: Permutation significance

SAM files: Mapping to hg18

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